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About the Stemfoort SFCD-200 CD Player

SF-200 Internal Image
SF-200 Internal Image

The SFCD-200 is designed to complement the SF-200 passive line power amplifier. Utilising a high speed transport mechanism and on board memory, the SFCD-200 is a technically advanced CD player. To reduce jitter and control errors during play back there is a dedicated transceiver circuit, this re-formats data prior to the digital to analogue converter. A unique conversion method is employed without oversampling or filtering in the digital domain, instead we chose an analogue filter allowing a very wide bandwidth.  

Important as technology is in the digital domain, the potential can only be realised if the analogue output is capable of producing a high quality sound. The use of a class A output stage and trans-impedance amplifier ensures superb sound. A useful additional feature of the SFCD-200 is a digital input. This allows the connection of an eternal source  like a music streamer or AV component. 


As with the SF-200, top grade materials are used throughout the SFCD-200’s body work.  Other case materials are steel or aluminium that have either been anodised, galvanised or powder coated to protect the finish and maintain appearance during many years of use. All fine finishing is carried out at our own factory to ensure complete quality control.









Introducing the SFCD-200 CD Player

The Stemfoort SFCD-200 is designed and manufactured in Britain by J E Sugden & Co Limited. Each CD Player is handmade by a single highly skilled technician with many years experience. A rigorous and continuous test procedure is carried out during construction. This includes sub assembly test, built chassis test and final bench and specification test.

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